Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hey guys, sorry have not posted for a while.... I have been busy doing hockey, soccer, and school. And some new things have popped up. So for startters, hockey. Last year i was on the pewee A team. And this year, I tried out for pewee AA. And i made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, unfortuntly my BFF (or at least one of them) didnt... And my former goalie partner. Who was also my one of my BFFs. So that tryout might have been good for me, but really it wasnt. I guess  life can be complicated and we just to get through it. So moving on, soccer. OK so last year i was playing on Caledon girls U11s team, and the following year i tried out for caledon girls U13 team. I made it, but near registraition time, a bunch of the 13 year olds on the team left, to go to different clubs. Which left my team (or what was left of it) with nothing. No team. So everyone had to leave for houseleuge or different clubs.I went to Milton sports academy. The girls are nice, and the coaches are awesome!!! But i miss Caledon. Also i am going down a level. You see i usually play B. But this team has just came up from allstar( which is a level lower then C) and gone to C. But its still fun here, so moving  on. School is good, i am doing two new projects. One on saturn, the other on poland, so if you know any sites that would provide me with good information. Leave the site below in the comment box, below. Thats all for now, thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

My stupidness

Wierd title. I know right. I'll explain. In girls hockey, there are three main tournament things. The Brampton Tornement, Provincials, and Playoffs. And so we recently had playoffs. And recently got kicked out but that does'nt matter right now. In playoffs you have to get 4 points,  to get to the next series. And our first game, we lost, our second, we tied. And to get to the next series we needed to win and then win in overtime/shootout. So I was supposed to play this game. This very, very importent game. So I was really, really, really nervous. I was doing my warm-up, and I was throwing my ball, and then catching it without my glove. And there were pay phones right behind me. And i missed one of the balls, and it went right through the gap between my thumb and pointer finger. So i went to grab the ball. And then stood up into the pay phones. When, I almost gaved myself a concusion, so i could'nt play that game and had pains in my head, the whole weekend. And we lost.Ta da. My stupidness!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sorry :(

Hey guys, sorry i've been busy hockey and all. Ummm, what did i do........ I was in a hockey tournement, were I got my new shoes. You see, me and my mom have this deal. If I get 5 shutouts (were there is no goals) I get my shoes. They are super awesome!!!!!!!!!!! And then I did more hockey and more hockey. As  you can see lots of hockey. So byes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

WATS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, I know, I know. I hav'nt been posting lately, I've  been sorta busy with hockey and all. And I have a bunch of homework. Because as you all should know this is my first year of middle school. And my reasons for writing today, is well i'm sick. So yeah. What else have I been doing, uhh. Hockey tournements and games. Oh yes! We had a school dance, and maybe I went with someone maybe I did'nt. Thats alll for now.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Sorry guys  I hav'nt been on the computor for a while exept I have a reason so don't start booing me just yet. Any hoo if you want to figure out how my tournamount in Oshawa was then I guess you can read on. I unfortanly had sit out still due to my finger, but the worst part is that I had to dress too! If any of you have no idea what this means and are as confused as showing people from the 1 century how a light switch works then, let me explain. It is actullaly not that confusing though, it means I had to get all ready to play then sit on the bench for 3 games whole games. Just  doing the math that means I was doing 6 hours of pretty much sitting on a bench. Not adding anything about extras (warm ups, in between games, etc).Exept my goalie partner did awesome so I guess it was okay. We did pretty good though for our first
tournemount. We won 1,lost 1, then tied 1. Pretty well rounded. And today we had girls hockey celabration thing so I was'nt going on my laptop at 6 in the morning. So I hope I don't have any BOO people.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Gouldies Goalies

Now you might ask hmmm what is gouldies goalies? Is she gonna telll us or just blab on?  Well if I was going to be a good blogger and have people look at this blog, I would explain. So, I'm explaining. Gouldies goalies is a hockey camp/clinic ,it's run by Danny Gould who I bet you have no idea who he is. Well, if your a goalie in Brampton ,you would know him, he is the best goalie out there.  He wants to help young and older goalies in Brampton (as it says on his website) to become better at doing what they love most. Stopping the puck. Danny encourages goalies to be great things, or do great things. You know, he went high up in hockeywhen he was playing, I believe he was picked 4th overall for the Juniors. Now  that's impressive!  Anyways you can look at his websites and learn more about him. PLEASE COMMENT, I like comments

The worst doctors appointment EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was about the worst appointment ever, the doctor first of all told me that I wont be able to play up to a month (maybe even a few weeks :D) and then him and my mom talked about shots.I know what your going to say oh who cares! Well first of all he told my mom that she looked way younger than what she is, and then he told me that iI needed a chicken pox shot to ensure I wont ever get chicken pox. And it kinda hurt.