Sunday, 2 October 2011


Sorry guys  I hav'nt been on the computor for a while exept I have a reason so don't start booing me just yet. Any hoo if you want to figure out how my tournamount in Oshawa was then I guess you can read on. I unfortanly had sit out still due to my finger, but the worst part is that I had to dress too! If any of you have no idea what this means and are as confused as showing people from the 1 century how a light switch works then, let me explain. It is actullaly not that confusing though, it means I had to get all ready to play then sit on the bench for 3 games whole games. Just  doing the math that means I was doing 6 hours of pretty much sitting on a bench. Not adding anything about extras (warm ups, in between games, etc).Exept my goalie partner did awesome so I guess it was okay. We did pretty good though for our first
tournemount. We won 1,lost 1, then tied 1. Pretty well rounded. And today we had girls hockey celabration thing so I was'nt going on my laptop at 6 in the morning. So I hope I don't have any BOO people.