Saturday, 3 March 2012

My stupidness

Wierd title. I know right. I'll explain. In girls hockey, there are three main tournament things. The Brampton Tornement, Provincials, and Playoffs. And so we recently had playoffs. And recently got kicked out but that does'nt matter right now. In playoffs you have to get 4 points,  to get to the next series. And our first game, we lost, our second, we tied. And to get to the next series we needed to win and then win in overtime/shootout. So I was supposed to play this game. This very, very importent game. So I was really, really, really nervous. I was doing my warm-up, and I was throwing my ball, and then catching it without my glove. And there were pay phones right behind me. And i missed one of the balls, and it went right through the gap between my thumb and pointer finger. So i went to grab the ball. And then stood up into the pay phones. When, I almost gaved myself a concusion, so i could'nt play that game and had pains in my head, the whole weekend. And we lost.Ta da. My stupidness!