Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Gouldies Goalies

Now you might ask hmmm what is gouldies goalies? Is she gonna telll us or just blab on?  Well if I was going to be a good blogger and have people look at this blog, I would explain. So, I'm explaining. Gouldies goalies is a hockey camp/clinic ,it's run by Danny Gould who I bet you have no idea who he is. Well, if your a goalie in Brampton ,you would know him, he is the best goalie out there.  He wants to help young and older goalies in Brampton (as it says on his website) to become better at doing what they love most. Stopping the puck. Danny encourages goalies to be great things, or do great things. You know, he went high up in hockeywhen he was playing, I believe he was picked 4th overall for the Juniors. Now  that's impressive!  Anyways you can look at his websites and learn more about him. PLEASE COMMENT, I like comments


  1. i WAS wondering if you were going to tell us...it's like you read my mind or something lol :D

  2. U r so unbelievebly funny Ha Ha Ha oh my lol kidding

  3. yay .... the link even goes to the right place - you and your mom are SO smart!

    Well done.

    When Tamara is at your place this week, get her to show you how to add pictures and colours and stuff, maybe.

  4. Camp sounds impressive and I am sure you have learned a lot from him.

    Are you able to do any drills or training until the Doctor clears you for hockey?
    Are you going to the practises and games or just going to stay home and do entries on your blog?