Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The worst doctors appointment EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was about the worst appointment ever, the doctor first of all told me that I wont be able to play up to a month (maybe even a few weeks :D) and then him and my mom talked about shots.I know what your going to say oh who cares! Well first of all he told my mom that she looked way younger than what she is, and then he told me that iI needed a chicken pox shot to ensure I wont ever get chicken pox. And it kinda hurt.


  1. oh that's not good

    i had to have a tetnus shot a few weeks ago...i thought it was gonna hurt, cus it's a shot, but it totally didn't...and it's better to get the shot than to get chicken pox!! cus i've have them and they are no fun! i even have a scar on my face from the chicken pox

  2. I know you showed me

  3. Oh, now that just BITES!

    Sorry the doctor didn't have better news for you.

    Great job on the blog though