Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Trip to the Hospital

Wednesday (my only day off) was supposed to be awesome and perfect.It sorta started out good and then it went wrong, see im trying out for flag football team. And I was learning how to throw and catch. It started out good, and then when I caught one. My finger surged out in pain and I balled my eyes out. My brother walked over so calm and relaxed then he looked well concerned best way of saying it. Well let me ask you a question, what would you do if your little sister or brother had a finger that went every direction but the right way? Well my brother walked me home and than told my mom in a very gentle way that we had to go to the hospital. Once we got there i wouldn't look at my finger. And when the doctor came around he talked to me like everything was okay.

Unlike my last time I was 6 with a hole in my chin at 3 in the morning with a doctor telling me that i'll need stitches. And when he asked to see my finger I totally trusted him. He took it and rubbed it and yanked it back in place, and all i could say was 'thank you' then i was sent to the x-ray room.Now girls if you go to Brampton hospital and get a x-ray they might ask you if you're pregnant. Do not feel offended. They asked me and i'm only grade six i cant even poke my belly out. Anyways I streched ligements and im not allowed to play for a week. And I had a game the next day!



  1. nice job of creating the blog

    Joel Majano

  2. At least you had a good story to start off with in your blog. Hopefully the next entry will be how you are doing now and that you are back on ice.